New Buick Sedan for China

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The all new model is the one on top.
The white car at the bottom is the current Buick Excelle. A very popular car for Buick in China.
(The 3rd generation was our Buick Verano)
The Excelle just got a new front en a few months ago.
So I am not sure what this new model is. 
The Excelle is based on the European Opel Astra. Which is now part of Peugeot, not GM.
Could this new model be based on a GM platform?
Is this a Buick based on the Chevrolet Cruze?

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  1. I'd bet this is a version of the Corsa with a trunk, or a 206 sedan with a Buick front end. I hope it's not the latter though because it would be pretty sad if that was the first product of the PSA-Opel partnership

  2. Isn't the Chevrolet Cruze also based on the Opel Astra platform?

    What's the size this new sedan? Could it be a Buick version of the smaller Chevrolet Sail?

  3. This seems to be the car that would have become the Opel Corsa sedan, still based on GM tech; Whilst Opel officially cancelled the GM based Corsa for themselves, there have still been prototypes out there afterwards, likely for China; My guess is this is their smaller sedan, exactly the Corsa that was not to be a Corsa…

  4. The current Astra rides on a GM platform. Any current and future Buick vehicles will ride on GM platforms. Any future Opel vehicles will ride on PSA platforms. The future Astra, Corsa, Insignia, and Mokka will no longer use GM platforms or share anything with GM vehicles once the current gen models reach the end of their production cycles. The Crossland X and Grandland X already ride on PSA platforms and don’t share anything with any GM vehicles.

  5. Obviously and most certainly the official version of the Opel Corsa Sedan prototype pictures. I bet they were developed mostly for Buick China in the first place.

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