New Suzuki Jimny

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It seems like we have seen so many pictures of this car already. Not just camouflaged spy shots, but pix like these ones. Of the real thing.
It’s really too bad Suzuki left the US market a few years ago.
This would be a cute inexpensive small off road thing. Just like the original Samurai was in the 80’s…

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  1. Both carmakers have teamed up on and will help sell both brands. If Toyota is smart, they could sell this as a Toyota in the USA as well as the Swift. What do you think Vince?

  2. looks pretty cool but keep in mind with 100 HP/170 ft/lbs it be a real slug on the road . Roughly 0-60 mph in over 14 secs or over 17 secs depending on manual or automatic transmission. Add a passenger and some gear and a 1976 Chevette with 2 flat tires would be faster. 🙂

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