New VW Tharu coming up.

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 Looks like yet another VW SUV is coming up soon. In China.

Since we already share a few VW models with China (Passat and Atlas), I wonder if this one will end up over here as well.
Is this the “smaller than Tiguan” model they are talking about?

It is a production version of the “Powerful Family SUV” concept they introduced just a short while ago.

And here is the “Powerful Family SUV” concept (talk about a stupid name…)

I can’t really tell if this is smaller than the Tiguan or not. The front end looking more like the Atlas…

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  1. Yes, this is the same as the crossover VW announced would be slotting below the Tiguan in the U.S., but I believe it is being marketed as slotting above the Tiguan elsewhere.

  2. It is a Seat Ateca with different grille and lights, so slightly smaller than a Tiguan, but not much. The Ateca starts under the Tiguan price wise mostly because you can get it with smaller engines and simpler equipment, plus a lot more cheap materials inside…

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