New VW Tharu SUV

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 This is a Chinese model. But it does look a lot like what VW described for the US as their “all new smaller than Tiguan” model.

Nothing exciting here. As I think it looks even more boring than the Atlas.

 And, it does look a lot like the Skoda Vision X concept.
(It seems act VW has actually only one main SUV design for all their brands these days.)

And, of course, this is the cool looking T-Rock.
The one VW decided NOT to bring over to the US.
Instead, designing a whole new “super boring” thing just for us and China.

Another genius move from VW. 

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  1. Never like VW models after owning a new Sirrocco that had plenty of problems with it. Looked fantastic and handling was exceptional! From engine leaks, oil leaks and suspension gremlins, it was too much unreliability and sold it with 4 month left on the OEM warranty. Never look at a VW product again!

  2. Close, Vince. It's a badge-engineered SEAT Ateca, the profile is identical (also badge engineered as the Skoda Karoq). Nothing to do with the Skoda Vision X concept.

  3. Nothing like the Vision X!
    It’s basically a rebadge of the Karoq.
    You comments infuriate me with their lazyness. Please try and do a bit more research before making comments.

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