R.I.P Cadillac ATS

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It’s now official, Cadillac will end production of the ATS sedan with the 2018 model year.

Which was expected. Since it is 5 years old, and pretty much at the end of its life cycle anyway.
And they only sold about 13 000 of them last year. (Compared to over 38 000 in 2013, it’s first year)

In its class, it only beats the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Jaguar XE.
Otherwise, everyone else sells more luxury compact sedans in the US.
(Even the Lexus IS sold over 26 000 units last year)

This and the CTS will both be replaced by a new sedan called the CT5. A larger than ATS but smaller than CTS model.
I guess it does make sense for Cadillac to limit the amount of sedan offerings.
While still being in the game.
There will be the CT5 and CT6. There was a rumor of a smaller CT3, but that could have been canceled.
(I bet they are waiting to see how the new Mercedes A-Class sedan will do in the US…)

And, for some weird reason, the ATS coupe seems to survive. For now…

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  1. A brand still looking for identity. I will take a Korean anytime over Cadillac. Same or better car for a lot less money.

  2. Not surprising. The platform and handling, excellent. But that's where the excellence stopped. The exterior design is not strong, and the interior failed in a few glaring ways. The details mean everything on a luxury car. This was simply not good enough.

  3. I've been waiting for this exact post when I heard about it yesterday!

    Strange that the even slower selling coupe is staying….but since it's the only coupe, they don't have a choice. This car is better formatted as a 2-door anyway, considering the sad space in the back. I had one as a rental a couple years ago. It was a hoot to drive, but was no Cadillac! Makes a great Camaro with better visibility though.

  4. The ATS has to be one of the crampest near luxury compact sedans on the market. The rear seat is for 5-8 year olds only!

  5. My buddy has one…loves it. A shame Caddy couldn't figure out how to maximize this product; it really is a hoot to drive.

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