2019 Audi A1

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 This new 2nd generation A1 looks more aggressive than before.
Kind of a cross between the previous generation and the Q2 crossover.
The whole thing now looks quite busy.
More lines, more plastic bits, fake vents etc…
Basically, worse.

The grille is also bigger than ever. (Huge fake grille on small cars never look right…)

Inside, it now looks like a VW more than ever. It looks like they are not even trying to make it seem different.
It’s a lot like the VW Polo. Slightly different but not nicer or more upscale looking.

This is the much cleaner looking pervious generation.
Which actually did look like an Audi…

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  1. I'm mostly upset with the interior. The big grill fad is a hirribho industry wide problem. I miss the old rectangular grille.

  2. Gromit.. and the profile looks like a Kia Rio. Is Schreyer still secretly sending them his HyunKia design rejects?

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