2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS

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The new Blazer will also be offered as a sportier (looking) version called RS.
It replaces all the chrome by a black finish. Black wheels. And inside, some color bits here and there.
The RS is position between the base and Premier models.
I have to say, black wheels and trim are really not “my cup of tea”. 
But I do see the appeal of it for many. A smart move from GM.
It seems the RS still comes standard with the 193HP engine. Which is hardly sporty.
 I wish they’d put “sportier” seats inside. Instead of just add color accents.
These look pretty flat for the “Sporty model”….

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  1. The RS trim is just a styling kit on top of a regular LT trim on other Chevys. It's not really a sport trim at all.

  2. Hopefully they can move the production to the US. Chevy and Ford buyers are older and want American made vehicles. Camaro and Fusion would have likely sold better if they weren't made in Canada and Mexico. Also since this vehicle does not have a safety sense package standard like Honda and Toyota, it is already behind the 8 ball.

  3. What is the appeal of these ginormous grills to design engineers. Looks like it must run on premium. Premium krill.

  4. Chevrolet would sold more Blazers if we're assemblied in the U.S. then in Mexico. There will be a import tariff of 20% on the Blazer, so you looking at pricing close to that of u.S. assemblied BMW X5!

  5. Wow.. that profile shot is disturbing.. not only is the overall shape unappealing, the "cab-forward" proportions are really negatively accentuated by the blackout A-pillar. The Lexus RX is still uglier though!

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