2019 Honda HR-V

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The cute little HR-V is getting a few changes for the new year. (2019 model on top)
It does get a new front end. Which might might not be an improvement…
(That Honda logo is now pretty big.)

Not much seems to have changed inside. Except a new screen with a volume knob .
It now gets Apple Car play and Android Auto . The CVT is said to be improved. And there is more sound insulation too.

In order to align the HR-V to other Honda models, there are now Sport and Touring versions. 

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  1. Vince, the small overlap crash test in the HR-V is just acceptable.
    And still no blind spot monitors.

    So Honda, what's the story with safety.
    Same deal with their Civic line, no blind spot monitors.

  2. Was as passenger in one of these and it is very noisy and has no acceleration at all! The driver had to slow down and wait till all the traffic was clear before entering the right lane on to the highway!

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