2019 Honda Pilot

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 Honda also upgraded the Pilot for 2019.
And from that one picture on top, it does look really nice. Much better than before with just a few changes.
Apple Car play and Android auto are now part of the package. A new 9 speed auto is available on Touring and Elite models.

This just seems to be a great upgrade .

(inside, you can see new steering wheel. A new screen with new trim round it. (With a volume switch)
It is basically a bit more like the great Accord interior. 

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  1. The Honda Pilot has had Apple CarPlay/Android for Auto in EX, Ex-L, Touring and Elite trims since the 2017 model year. The 2019 model Pilot no includes those features in all trims.

  2. Still an awkward looking, cheaply made, "unfinished" feeling inflated box, that is not at all like previous models or competitors. Maximum size, minimum refinement. After getting last place in various comparison tests, with smoking brakes, transmission and mechanical issues, and a generally unrefined, ponderous, and poorly built vibe, why these still sell is amazing. Look how many get traded back to other brands with 5-10k on them, and it makes sense. New Accord, etc. are great. This is an example of one of the last hot mess Honda products slapped together & now with new chrome…yeah, as if that helps. No.

  3. This generation Honda Pilot looks like a smaller size minivan! The previous generation has great looks and functionality. It could fix insideva 4’X8’ sheet of drywall flat inside. The nine speed automatic has problem in finding gears. Don’t know if this has been fix yet.

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