2019 Jeep Renegade

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The blue car is the 2019 model.
As you can see, these are just very minor changes. Front and back.

And they are pictures of the European model. So who know what will actually be coming over here.
(Fiat changes the rear lights of the 500 years ago in Europe and the new design never made it to the US)

Europe is also getting “new engines”. Again, not sure what will happen for the US version.
No news about the interior. But, as we can see HERE, it looks like the main change is a larger screen.

At least they are spending a little cash on this to keep it “almost fresh”.
Unlike the 8 year old Grand Cherokee, which is only due for a redesign for the 2022 model year.
That’s 4 years from now! The current model will be 12 years old.
(Back in 2014 they had planned an all new Grand Cherokee by 2017)


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  1. I rarely see these on the road which I never understood as it seems like a decent little SUV. Not sure what the issue is. Price? The Compass is a better choice?

  2. Looked fine before the facelift. Looks better now. I notice that they've put a rear handle onto the hatch so you no longer have to fumble under the shutline looking for the release.

    Regarding the delayed redesign of the Grand Cherokee – its sales have increased every year since it was introduced, going from 128,000 in 2011 to 241,000 in 2017, which was the models best sales performance for 18 years, so there's no real incentive for FCA to rush out a replacement model. If it was beginning to suffer a sales decline, I could see your point, Vince, but why should they throw money and resources at redesigning a car that's doing just fine as it is?

  3. Rode in one at the release of the Renegade and it has no on road comfortable ride and no sound insulation to speak of! Was not impress by the primitiveness of the vehicle. Plastic interior and weak engine performance. 0-60 was close to 10 second it seems.

  4. I agree. Car quality seems to have hit a ceiling (not a bad thing). The difference between a 2018 model and a 2008 is not nearly as large as between a 2008 and 1998. Keeping styling and technology fresh is adequate at this current moment.

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