2019 Lincoln Nautilus pricing.

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I am still not a big fan of that big chrome grille, but I have to admit it is growling on me a bit.
At least it looks much nicer on this than on the poor Continental…
The Nautilus is a very nice update on the popular MKX.
At $43 335, the Nautilus is about $1300 more than the MKX it replaces.
But things can go up pretty quickly from there. As they also offer a “Select” model for $45 540.
And  “Reserve” one for $49 870.
(A loaded “Black label” version is over $65 000)
Not cheap. But about the same price as the weirdo looking Lexus RX.
Power comes from a standard 2.0 Liter Turbo with 245HP of a 2.7 Liter V6 Turbo with 335HP.
Both with an 8 speed auto. 

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  1. Ok.

    Lincoln is soooo close with their products. The exterior design is pretty good. It's the interior design and fit and finish that still need work so it can better go head to head with the bigger boys.

    Shame about the Continental. But I am so happy to see the return of real names.

  2. I agree about the return to proper names. Which is what Cadillac should do as well.
    Unfortunately, they are so obsessed with competing with German cars….

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