2019 Subaru Legacy

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Comparing the upcoming, “redesigned for 2019 model”, to the current one.
And it already seems pretty sad…

Why even bother?

At least Honda and Toyota really tried to re-invent the Accord and Camry. So far, this seems to be the same thing again. And again, the same thing that does not sell.
While most popular sedans sell between 200 000 and 300 000 units in the US, Subaru had trouble moving 50 000 last year.

Maybe the camouflage is true genius and there is something really special hiding under there….
There is still hope.

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  1. Is it me or are we seeing a renaissance in visibility? The side windows seem larger on this new model, and I've seen similar changes in other new models: new Focus, new Santa Fe, etc. It'll be nice to be able to see out of cars again.

  2. Don’t forget Subaru has experienced year-over-year growth for a while now and their wagons and SUVs are a cash cow. I doubt they care much about this market since some companies are giving up on midsize sedans, but regardless they have a very loyal following and in most snowy parts of US these things are everywhere, particularly New England.

  3. I agree with Doug F. This appears to be a welcome improvement in the greenhouse enlargement department. Particularly, the rear roofline appears to slope down further back making the rear side door windows taller.

    The Legacy is a great car, and I hope they will continue improving it.

  4. Hi Vince.

    I'm considering getting a subaru but am concerned about dealer service. Current vehicles are mercedes (so i expect exceptional service).

    Do you or anyone comment on this. (I am in San Diego BTW)


    Mr. Bigg

  5. Seeing very few 2018 Accords on the road almost a year after that cars introduction; 2018 Legacies seem to be more common in the Northeast. Fine with me, I find it much more attractive than the new Accord

  6. Attractive, but It has the same problem as the Mazda 6, no horsepower, and the AWD system is a moot point for sedans. Anonymous at best.

  7. You mean problem that the Mazda 6 had. Mazda has resolved this issue in 2018 by putting the 2.5 turbo motor from the CX-9 in it. The car is thoroughly improved in everyway.

  8. The Mazda 6 turbo took one step forward and two steps back. They built a nice cruiser with mediocre acceleration, handling and braking.

  9. The upcoming redesign looks like it will be slightly sleeker than the current version (which somewhat has 2007-2014 Chrysler Sebring/200 proportions from the side).

    I think Subaru is probably more valued for their growing multitude of crossovers and raised hatchbacks/wagons than they are for their normal passenger cars.

  10. Headroom!!!! And maybe a trunklid more than a foot in depth!!!!

    Considering the size of Subaru compared to Honda and Toyota, 50K is pretty good considering this is nothing but an Outback from the B pillar forward.

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