2019 Volvo S60

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Today we finally get to see the real thing.
And it dos look quite nice. Better than earlier spy shots we had seen.
Nothing super modern. Maybe a bit too conservative even. (At least it is not afraid of looking like a sedan. No fake fastback/hatchback look here) 
But it does look quite upscale. And it has the same great interior than the V60 and XC60.
At $35 800, it is almost $5000 less than a Mercedes C Class.
About the same price as a stripped BMW 3 series with only 180HP (The Volvo starts at 250HP)
And the new S60 is also about $1000 less than an Audi A4. 
I think the price is right for the new S60. It is only a few hundreds more than the one it is replacing. 
Sales will start in the fall in the US. Where the S60 will be built. 
My choice would still be the really cool new V60 wagon. 
I just wonder how much more it will be. (The current one starts at $38 250)

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