2019 VW Passat

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 Looks like a new Passat is coming up for 2019.
And, when compared to the current one, it doesn’t look like “just a facelift”. It seems all new.

But just like the current one, it now again looks like a big Jetta.
Except now, a “big 2018 Jetta”.

Apparently, since the Jetta is larger than before, so will be the Passat.
Which is already of of the roomiest sedan out there…

These pictures are of the Chinese market model.
Which so far, has been the same car we get over here.
(A totally different model than the European Passat)

The Chinese model will offer  1.4 and 2.0 Liter engines.

It really looks like nothing new. Just a gentle update, even it IS all new.
They really didn’t even try to re-invent anything here. Which might not be enough in a world where sedans sale numbers are shrinking every year.

What do you think?

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  1. Looks like a blown-up version of the new Jetta. Which doesn't look anything like a VW, or at all Germanic. Extremely bland, derivative and generic. Not the way to go in a declining sedan market.

  2. Vince, how do you know this is "all new" under the sheetmetal. This looks like the same garbage VW always puts on the market.

  3. I watched carefully and it's just a facelift. Everything its the same except for the front and the taillights.

  4. On April 30, I bought a 2018 Jetta. I love the way it drives, even if it is the old model. I like it so much I was waiting for the '19 Passat to replace my '04 Saab. I hope it drives as well as my (wife's) Jetta. So far, it is inoffensive from these pics.

  5. It looks like the thought since Ford was discontinuing the Fusion they might as well borrow the design since Ford didn't need it anymore. Another ho-hum effort by VW.

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