2020 Ford Explorer

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Ford has released a new picture of the Police version of the next Explorer.
This specific model will be a hybrid, with a 24MPG average (that’s for the more powerful police version)

As you can see, the new Explorer will borrow a lot from the Lincoln Aviator concept. (Bottom pic)
The Aviator being basically a luxury Lincoln version of the Ford. Just like they did with the Navigator/Expedition.

So far, it looks like the Aviator body with Explorer lights…

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  1. Would actually disagree…the A-pillar on the Explorer is more square. The rear window slope is different. The slope of the window line is different. Bumpers are different. Door panels are different….

  2. While the new Explorer might be similar to the Aviator from the belt line down, spy photos seem to indicate a greenhouse closer in design to the current Explorer.

  3. No, they both use completely differently sheet metal, look closely! Recent spy shots from this past week shown the Explorer to have different side contours and the front door A pillar frame is sharp edged, vs the genial sweep of the Aviator. The new 2020 Explorer looks very much like the current model, and will continue to use a solid body colored C pillar as it always has.

  4. I will probably buy one or the other of these vehicles. The Ford Explorer ST or Lincoln Aviator – non Black Label trim.

  5. What?! No knotched-back Crown Vic Crossover sedan version, yet? I swear it will show up at some point…

  6. From the spy photos I've seen the new Explorer is going to look very similar to the current one. I was wondering if Ford was going to keep the police version on the old chassis – I guess this answers that question.

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