A few more pictures of the new 2019 Volvo S60

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I think this has a really good chance to be a success for Volvo. Sure, sedans aren’t the most popular thing right now.
But while Volvo sold only 11 358 units of the previous S60 in the US last year, BMW was still able to move almost 60 000 of the “old” 3 series. (Being replaced soon)
And Mercedes sold over 77 000 units of the C Class.
So the new S60 does have room for growth.

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  1. Why spend money on design, when you can build a smaller car with the same design? Nothing new here. next….

  2. The more I see the new S60, the more I like it. The proportions are so much nicer than the bigger S90.

  3. I think this is the best Volvo sedan in years, and is almost, if not as beautiful as the Alfa Romeo Giulia (which I think is one of the most stunning designs in recent memory)

  4. I like it alot actually. Volvo has been killing it lately and doesn't need massive grills to do it. The tail lights are much more cohesive than the Accord in my opinion.

  5. Love it.. getting baby Ghibli vibes for sure! But especially in this dark gray color, that tiny unfortunate contour behind the rear wheel well looks like a dent.

  6. Okay I like 90% of the car… and for sure when I have the money I will buy Volvo, Sweden Pride… but the part that bothers me is the, um, I think called C Pillars?! The back door/window needs that second window integrated into the car itself, not the door. (Honda stole that from GM with the Malibu) #justsaying

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