All new Peugeot 508 SW

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We saw the sedan version just a few months ago.
Quite a nice looking car. But I think the new wagon (SW) is actually striking.
With the same futuristic interior as the sedan, this is a great looking car. 
I guess this is about the same size as the new Volvo V60. But not as upmarket. (Although Peugeot claims the new 508 competes with the Audi A4)
In Europe it will compete with wagon versions of the Opel Insignia (We get that one as the Buick Regal TourX), the VW Passat, Renault Talisman, Mazda6 and a few others. 
Good for them…
Again, not for the US. 

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  1. Can designers fit any more lines and creases in the cars they “design”? It’s like a drunk trying to reassemble a fish scale by scale.

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