Another facelift for the Nissan Versa???

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The current Versa came out for the 2012 model year.
A “facelift” was applied in 2015.

I wonder if this picture means the current model will be with us for another couple of years.
Even though it is really outdated and quite ugly, they still sold over 106 000 of them in the US last year.
So I guess, this makes money of Nissan and why rush an all new one…

(At least, unlike Ford, they did figure out how to make money from a small sedan selling 100 000 a year.)

I also do not see an exhaust on this car. So this could be a mule for an EV version.
Who knows…

(Thanks to reader Mike for this)

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  1. Nissan has one of the ugliest lineups in the industry right now. Between the bad proportions, poorly executed details, and hideous floating roofs, the brand’s designers seem incapable of designing a nice looking vehicle. The Rogue and Rogue Sport are the only two decent looking vehicles in the lineup, but I’m sure they will also get sufficiently butchered when they get redesigned. I guess I am in the minority with my opinion since the brand’s offerings seem to sell well here in the States.

  2. Maybe if this ugly thing soldiers on for another generation it will become a cult classic of some kind…. I am constantly trying to imagine what kind of aftermarket modification would improve its terrible looks with minimal investment…. just wider wheels helps a bit. Maybe swapping the tail lights with some retro fins and rocket booster styled thingys… and swap the headlights with chrome bezeled round ones…. and a 2-tone paint job, of course, so it can wear its ugliness with pride.

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