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After seeing what Cadillac did with the gorgeous 2019 CT6, but just changing a few things, I have high hopes for the all new smaller CT5.
It could end up being another great looking car.

And from these new spy shots, it does look like a fastback design.
Like the Escala concept. It could even be a hatch under all that camouflage.
Who knows.

This would be really great and a sure bet to made the new Cadillac much more distinctive than a regular sedan. ( maybe attract some SUV buyers used to the convenience of a hatch.)
Of course, it would be a bit of a gamble. But there are already the BMW 4 series and Audi A5 out there in the US.  Also the new Buick Regal (another hatch) is on its way to sell more than last year.

So why not…

Just a reminder, here are a couple of shots of the amazing Escala concept.

Head over HERE for more pictures of the all new Cadillac CT5 sedan

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  1. The camouflaged vehicle looks more like a Saturn Ion than the Escala. The proportions are just not there.

  2. The smaller, FWD Regal already looks sleeker and more upscale than this shape.. has Cadillac been studying the old BMW 5-series GT failure?

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