How about a downshot of the all new 2019 VW Passat?

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For the millions of you who have begged for this particular angle: here it is.

This one looks like a high end model, with larger wheels and a nicer extended sunroof.
Let’s hope that sunroof makes it to the US…

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  1. Next time you review a car with a very large sunroof, please give us a description of any squeaks and rattles over potholed and/or dirt roads.

    I haven't experienced one yet that wouldn't be a fail over roads like that.

  2. I have driven a few.
    Among them the GMC Terrain, Buick Enclave, CT6, Maxima, MKZ etc.. Also many VW models come with an oversize sunroof.

    I have never experienced any rattle at all on any road. ( many roads/streets here in L.A are pretty bad)
    The only issue I have ever had with a sunroof was with a VW Golf. When it got a little stuck for a day. But it still wasn't rattling.

    And I drive each car for a week.

  3. Not bad, but then again, it does IMO not look that different (or more modern, crisp or upscale) than a Ford Fusion, a car having it's second – subtle – facelift by now;

  4. The sunroofs will rattle on rough roads because the car is flexing. It is especially bad in colder weather and when driving on unlevel ground from left to right. Having said that,these annoyances are outweighed easily by the amazing light it allows in as well as the open air feel you get on those beautiful spring mornings .

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