Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

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No, this is not a new Tesla wagon.
It was designed by Dutch designer Niels Van Roij. And built by Rametz Car.
(So I am not sure if this is actually an available thing…)
While I do like the idea of a Tesla wagon, this design has too much cartoony super thick chrome elements that really do not match the rest of the car. I do like a thicker chrome line on the C-pillar, like Cadillac does on the XTS and CT6. But this is just way too much and ridiculous looking.
Otherwise, the rear opening looks like it is actually quite a bit smaller than the regular Model S hatchback. 
So I am not sure this is that much of an improvement.
(And they kept these super flat Model S rear seats…)
Nice try though….

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  1. Love the idea of a wagon version, but that messy D-pillar with a folded surface form and way too much chrome kills it for me.

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