2019 Chevrolet Orlando

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The previous generation Orlando was never sold in the US. It came out in 2011 and was sold pretty much everywhere except the US.
Now there is a new one. Which will be mostly for, of course, the Chinese market.
I have not heard of plans for US sales yet.
The old Orlando looked more like a wagon than an SUV, and the new one seems to be design the same way.
Which is fine. I just don’t know where something like that would fit into the US Chevrolet line up.
Between the Tax and Equinox??

As a reminder, here is the first generation Orlando.

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  1. I saw one at the grocery store one day. I had to go back around the aisle in the parking lot to see what it was – it's rare that I see a car I can't identify at a glance.

    It had Canadian plates, of course.

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