2019 DS 3 Crossback

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I guess the DS 3 hatchback will be morphing into a 4 door small SUV thing next year.
(Since everything else does…)
I have seen the DS 3 in my travels in Europe and always think it looks pretty cute.
But this looks way overdone. That front end, the shapes of the headlights. 
All these lines on the side. The fake vents. 
This basically caters more to the ever expending Chinese market now. And its different design taste. I am just not sure if this will be that popular in Europe…
Let’s hope the DS brand latest designs doesn’t spill over the “regular” Citroen models…

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  1. Wow this is pretty bad. I don't think this is going to turn around DS's dismal performance in either Europe or China. Citroën is flogging a dead horse with this. The DS 6WR SUV is pretty good looking (and an absolute beauty compared to this sorry thing), but PSA inexplicably chose to sell it only in China, not Europe, and it has sold just a few thousand units there, a tiny drop in the Chinese ocean. The DS marque was always a risky proposition but the way it is being managed almost seems an example of how not to do it.

  2. Awful. The back is completely generic – this could be any brand. Front and side have more personality, unfortunately it's a very ugly one.

    From a European perspective, this is so frustrating. New Citroëns now have all the same Cactus design and rather old tech, and new DS vehicles come with overstyled / ugly design and too high prices. Who is this for? I am the exact target group for the brand and you would have to pay me to drive this around town every day.

    Carlos Tavares may be successful in bringing costs down for the PSA group and successfully managing the Peugeot brand but the Citroën and DS brands are obviously in crisis.

  3. Looks like an amateur hour design school from a 8th grader! But it could be an Lexus or Toyota production crossover too!

  4. boring and nondescript. Agree that the DS3 was more unique, rented one in Italy several years ago, great little car, reminded me of a Gallic mini. The controls on an around the steering wheel were, shall we say, unique…

  5. I don't think this will elevate the status of the DS brand. DS needs a design language that is distinctive, yet attractive. This isn't it, unfortunately.

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