2019 Fiat 500X

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The 500X compact SUV is getting a small refresh for the new year. Just like its Jeep Renegade cousin did.
It looks like it is getting the same tail lights the regular 500 got a few years ago.
(For sone reason, the US version of the 500 never got this new design)

Otherwise, small changes up front and a larger screen inside. And for Europe, same new engines as the 2019 Renegade.

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  1. They've sold around 55,000 across Europe in the first six months of 2018, so for what it is, and the crowded market niche it competes in, it sells just fine.

  2. I think the Fiat brand just needs to be discontinued in the US market. It's reintroduction in this market has been a dismal failure. No one cares about anything this brand offers.

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