2019 Hyundai Elantra

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I actually had no idea the Elantra was due for such a refresh. It seems pretty major, at least up front.
Where everything seems new. Which even gives the car a different personality.
Not sure these super sharp edges work with the rear of the car. 
It kind of reminds me of what GM (Mostly Pontiac) was doing decades ago. Design some super modern/almost weird front end on their old cars.
The rear is almost new but more subtle. 
What these cars need, like the Sonata, is a more interesting interior. 
From thee pictures, it looks like they have already been building this for a while, so the car should be out pretty soon.

As a reminder, here is the current model.

(Thanks to a reader for most of the new Pix!)

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  1. Mid cycle improvement much like the Sonata. However, the car needs a complete update within a couple of years.

  2. This car came out for the 2015 model year, so it is due for some kind of update. I am not sure this would be it though. That looks terrible.

  3. Horrible! I hope that thing is not a US model, the current car looks way better than that atrocity.

  4. I swear Hyundai does it again, they can never do a refresh or all new model and it actually look like a derivative the of the previous models. Albeit… They did do it with the Azera

  5. Considering the current model still looks great, this is a little off putting. Maybe Chinese market only?

  6. I like it. Auto design has trended toward everything looking the same. This is a nice break from that trend.

  7. I’m not sure if I like the updates. The changes don’t seem to jive well with the rest of the exterior design. I would like to see clearer pics before I make a final decision, though.

  8. Not exactly digging the triangular shaped headlights or the Buick LaCrosse inspired taillights. Hyundai should have used its slick looking i30 Fastback as the inspiration for the Elantra’s mid cycle update. In fact, Hyundai needs to bring the i30 Fastback to the US market.

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