2019 Hyundai Elantra

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Just a couple more pictures of the “facelifted” Elantra for 2019.
Things look pretty drastically different up front. (So much that it might be now too different from the rest of the car) 
The back end is your usual “new light and bumper” fare. 
Hyundai has mentioned a while ago that each model will have their own design language from now on. I guess this is a first step to make the Elantra look different….

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  1. Horrible. The 2015 Elantra redesign was a step backwards in design, they basically erased all the curves in the sheetmetal. Now tHyundai wants to straight up ruin the Elantra with this nasty update. I guess the good news is we will only have to look at it for a couple years.

  2. What's the car in the rear view shot? It has a 6-letter name spelled out across the trunk lid, so not an Elantra?

  3. the front end reminds me of a Peugeot, it will definitely make the Elantra more distinctive on the road, especially if the LED DRLs are light up into those points

  4. I think the current generations of both the Elantra and Sonata were styling setbacks from their early decade predecessors. I'm sure to make the Korean market happier with more conservative yadayadayada…

    Don't mind these updates, think the Sonata updates are a big improvement and the Elantra slightly better–looks like they copped the rear end from big brother. However, hoping the next generation (and spy shots look promising) will be an improvement and not another step backward. Don't know if they'll be the home runs that the cars from a decade ago were, however. Maybe HyunKia is running out of styling juice.

  5. Just took another look at front end. I hope this isn't the first step in a downward spiral. Didn't notice it at first but it's almost morphing into Toyota-ism. That would be a BIG mistake. Stop any such thoughts, Hyundai.

  6. I ain't overtly pretty, but then again I haven't seen it in person. I've learned to not jump to conclusions on the appearance of a car until I've seen it over and over in the flesh in various contexts. I'm glad they're doing something a little risky – they're onto something. I do however wish they (could afford to) spend more money making the fundamental proportions more ideal rather than cosmetically amplifying shapes and forms. It's not their fault but I'm SO SICK of the slick roofline and the accompanying compromised ingress/egress that comes with it. I'm ready for something VERY different and that can only come with fresher, more optimized proportions.

  7. I'm not sure that the new front end fits in with the rest of the exterior design. I would have thought that the mid cycle refresh would include making the front end look more like the i30/Elantra GT.

    The changes to the rear look fine. It fits in better with the changes that Hyundai applied to the refreshed Sonata.

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