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As expected, the all new Grand Commander is now available as a regular 5 seater called “Commander”. 
(of course)
Looks like the back seat is really roomy now. And the trunk is pretty huge without the 3rd row. So this might actually be the same car with less seats. Not a shorter wheelbase version…
I still think FCA will be very tempted to import this to the US. Since Jeep (with Ram) is the only FCA brand that makes money and got new models in the past few years.
And apparently, a new Grand Cherokee is still quite a few years away. So for a while they actually have nothing new above the Cherokee.

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  1. I'm wondering if Mike Manley, will either stick to Sergio's plan by killing sedans or introduce something very remarkable that would actually attract buyers. A return to Chrysler's glory days with a new Imperial might succeed where the 200 C went wrong. Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with that model despite it using an outdated motor, but there are still shoppers that still don't buy SUVs. A return of the Barracuda would be nice if executed in a style that attracted not only enthusiasts but newcomers that would have never considered Chrysler or Dodge before. Both sedans should be electric and to save money FCA should just keep Ram, Jeep, and Chrysler.

  2. I pretty much agree with everything said by Mr. Sad Robot.

    I saw another 200 just minutes ago on the freeway, and was, again, reminded of how nice that car looked.
    Sergio just wanted to concentrate on SUVs and killed it while blaming the designers…

    Also, where IS that Barracuda they have been talking about for years??
    And yes to bringing back Chrysler!!

  3. Just what Jeep needs. Another FWD, car-based Fiat. This would make a better Chrysler or Dodge. Oh, wait…

  4. The Commander/Grand Commander is NOT coming to the U.S.A., the next Grand Cherokee is NOT "years" away as you claim. The standard two row version WILL be arriving in 2019 as a 2020 model and the 3 row version will also be a 2020 model but arriving a little later. Debut will either be in January at Detroit or in April at New York. With the Grand Cherokee now having a 3-row option, the next Durango is going to move in a different direction and turn into an old school BOF SUV.

  5. First, I think you mean Grand Cherokee not Cherokee. Second, this thing is hideous. It’s long overhangs, pinched nose and cheap interior are not a good look for an off roaring company trying to be the American land rover

  6. I like the Commander styling inside and out! Will it be available in AWD in a SRT or Hellcat model?

  7. If Jeep is as important to FCA fortunes as Manley claims it is, he should now push for the development of a unique 4×4 platform to be used for all future Jeeps and trash the Fiat car platforms.

  8. I think this should come over here to further bridge the gap between the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, especially the 3 row Grand Commander. Jeep is missing out on the segment right now to the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, etc.

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