2019 Mercedes A class sedan

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I almost forgot this car was coming out.
Since it is nothing all new. We have seen the concept (exactly the same car) over a year ago.
Then we saw the Chinese version of the production car a few months ago (It has a longer wheelbase)
We  have also seen the new A class hatchback for a while now…
But this one is the version we will be getting in the US.
It should be the most affordable car Mercedes sells over here when it comes out. Production of the car will start in 2019. (Not sure when it will be on sale in the US. )
Engines available in Europe are a 116HP diesel and a 163HP gas. While the US is getting a 2.0 Liter with 188HP. 
As I mentioned, this will be cheaper than the $32 700 CLA in the US. And about 3 inches shorter than the CLA. (a redesigned CLA is coming up right after this A-Class sedan)
The interior is way too busy for my taste. With way too many shapes and textures. But who knows, it might look better in real life…
As for the sedan part, they have not shown pictures of the rear seat yet.
So I am guessing the is NOT a roomy car….

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  1. Ehh. Not a fan of anything MB has been doing. The exteriors look like a bubble and the interiors look like a Mini Cooper with a tablet stuck on it.

  2. Is there no longer a need to put IPs into a recess? It looks like an extra long iPhone totally exposed to direct sunlight.

  3. Still a molten bar of soap with a dash that looks like it's from Mattel for kids to play to learn their shapes and colors with. It's almost hysterical

  4. Nothing says luxury like blue disco lighting and air vents that resemble horse sphincters. I mean, is fresh airflow from huge holes the primary concern for entry level MB buyers? I don't get this. I don't find this cluttered style attractive at all.

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