2019 VW Tayron

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The new Chinese market Tayron does look familiar. Since it is the production version of the concept we saw a few months ago in China (Bottom pic)
(I mean, it is exactly the same car…)

 But it also looks a lot like the Atlas Cross Sport Concept we saw in the US.
Which is supposed to be coming soon as a production model.

 When comparing the Tayron and the Cross Sport concept, of course they are not exactly the same car.
But I just wonder if VW will just sell us the Tayron as thew Cross Sport in the US anyway and call it a day…

They are very similar. And usually, the US and China are now mostly getting the same models.
Or they’ll just redesign that rear side window and fender to make it look a little bit more like the concept?

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  1. Don't worry, Vince!

    Tayron is a C-Segment, aproximately 4,6 meter long SUV, and it slots between Tiguan and Tiguan All Space, but with more personality and sportness. Will work like a Ford Escape.

    The Atlas Cross Sport is a D-Segment , aproximately 4,8 meter long SUV, and will work like a VW version of Ford Edge.

    VW is now with lots of SUVs because in Chinese market it has joint-venturse with three brands (JAC, SAIC and FAW). They make different cars for each, and it gives them some options on which of those cars to sell world around

  2. This Tyrone (my pronunciation) looks like a slightly sportier version of the Tharu, not as large as the Atlas Cross will be. And if so, hopefully the US will get this as a sub-Tiguan instead of Tharu because it does look somewhat more upscale and stylish, which will help VW compete with the other crossovers in that segment.. everything from the C-HR to the CX-3 and Kona, and maybe even the X2 if that color is any indication of intent.

  3. We have official dimensions now:

    Wheelbase 107,5 inches
    Length 180,7 inches
    Width 73,2 inches
    height 65,3 inches

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