2019 VW Tharu interior

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Yes, so far, this is just a prototype. So that interior is not “all there” yet.
Still, so far this looks pretty bad…
VW has already said we are not getting the T-Roc. But we’re not getting the Polo based (slightly smaller)  T-Cross either.
Instead, we are probably getting a US version of the upcoming Tharu for China pictured here.
(Since VW sees Chinese and American tastes as exactly the same)

As a reminder, here is what the Tharu will look like.
Seems like VW is so in love with the Tiguan design, as they are using it over and over.

Not sure what this will compete with, since VW claims the T-Roc and T-Cross are both too small for us.
(Just 5 inches shorter than the New Nissan Kicks)

So we will be getting this instead. A tiny Tiguan with an even cheaper interior…

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  1. What's the real difference between the model pictured and the shorter Tiguan as seen in Europe?

    Won't it be smarter just to wait for the ID electric AWD instead?

  2. "Smarter" and "VW anything" don't seem to go well together anymore….. I am really hoping they can turn things around with the new electric line.

  3. Ugh … That interior seems to have much of the new Jettas interior design language… Not good…

    Looks like VW is straying away from their clean looking interiors. Glad I got my GTI when I did

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