2020/21 Ford Fusion

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Just when we though the Fusion was dead, it isn’t really.

Ford has decided to kill the Fusion in the US. But it’s sister car in Europe and other countries, the Mondeo, will get a redesign for the 2020 or 2021 model year.
And just like the current Mondeo, Ford will offer a wagon version.
Like the current trend (Regal Tour X) Ford will also offer a raised up version of the wagon, with AWD as an option. Called the Mondeo Active.

So, just like the new Focus, we are only getting this Active version. Which in the US can probably qualify as a truck. (Less regulations and more profits)

The new “Fusion Active” will be competing with the next generation Subaru Outback. And of course, the Buick Regal Tour X in the US.

Not sure where the US version will be built. The Focus Active we are getting here next year will be built in China exclusively.

Here is the current version of the European Mondeo Wagon.

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  1. Where was this announced? That image looks more Peugeot/Renault than a Mondeo. Would be odd if it looked like that, especially if its not an all-new model///

  2. It's really unbelievable how badly Ford botched the announcement about their cars. They caused months of drama for no reason.

  3. I can see the value in adding a raised and cladded midsize wagon to the lineup. I realize that the Fusion name is established on the market, but I don't think it exactly "fits" this type of vehicle.

    I think Ford needs to rethink the Focus Active, also. First, I think the wagon bodystyle would give Ford an edge in available cargo space in this rather uncrowded segment (the Subaru Crosstrek is the only other entry that I'm aware of). Second, AWD needs to be available (if I understand correctly, the Focus Active is FWD only). Third, I don't think the Focus name "fits" this vehicle either.

    I actually wouldn't mind owning a slickly designed wagon that hasn't been raised or cladded and could be fitted with AWD. If Mazda were to offer their cool looking Mazda6 wagon in the US with AWD, I would definitely buy one. I do realize that I'm in the minority on this, though (meaning it would never happen). If a vehicle isn't raised and cladded like a crossover, no one wants it.

  4. Ok.

    Vince, I thought your photoshopping days were long behind you! Like, 2004 behind you (those were the days)…

  5. "I actually wouldn't mind owning a slickly designed wagon that hasn't been raised or cladded and could be fitted with AWD." That sounds like the Euro luxury wagons from Audi BMW Mercedes. Why the USA companies think everything must be SUV or SUV-like (raised/cladded) I don't understand.

  6. The other thing this allows Ford to do is have the flexibility, space and height to start offering battery packs that let you get more than the current 25 miles of all electric range with the energie vehicles.

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