Chevrolet Traverse test drive coming up

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I am driving a larger SUV this week.
A Chevrolet Traverse. The one I have is a loaded AWD Premier version with the $1845 “redline Edition” package.

So far so good. Things are quiet, smooth and comfortable. The Enclave “cheaper” cousin is of course very similar to the Buick version. Which is a good thing.
A “fun” detail, the Base model of the Traverse is just about $1000 more than the VW Tiguan I drove last week. And that Tiguan did feel like a basic model. Even in its most basic form, the Traverse would be a much, much better way to drive 7 people around…

As usual, I will answer any questions you might have….

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  1. Hi Vince, interested in road noise, steady state highway MPG, and fit and finish. Does it feel like a $50k vehicle? Thank you!

  2. The red tinted lettering is just about as tacky as the Chevrolet brand's gold emblem. I would skip the "Redline Edition" just for this reason. Otherwise, the current Traverse is a very handsome looking large crossover.

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