Ford’s SUV future

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I guess Ford will be developing 2 lines of SUV types. Explorer and Escape will be what they are now: more family oriented. More like modern station wagons.
While the new Bronco and “yet-to-be-named” small rugged guy will offer a more “macho” look.
(I guess for tough guys and whoever want to portray that image.)
As we know, the Explorer will be Ford’s cousin to the more expensive Lincoln Aviator.
And I guess the new Escape is based on the new Focus. The one we don’t get.
(I really hope it does not share its interior design with the new Focus…)
I think the new small rugged model might be the new EV that was mentioned earlier.
While the Bronco will finally give some competition to the Jeep Wrangler. 

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  1. You're saying the so-called Baby Bronco will be electric? I thought there was a fully dedicated model that will cater more to families have that instead.

  2. Electric for an off road vehicle would be a huge turn off for the primary target buyer! Hybrid would be an even larger turn off since many off road buyers work on their vehicles too!

  3. Hi Vincent! In Brazil Ford has another brand called Troller, and this model is so similar to Wrangler. Maybe it could be the key for the Bronco's family.

  4. The EV you mention will actually be a performance-oriented battery-electric crossover, code-named “Mach 1” and borrowing styling cues from the Mustang. It will be built on a new, clean-sheet architecture that will be used for future Ford EVs.

  5. Ok… a comment above mention Troller. I never heard of Troller before so I went to their website. And all I can say is… Why the hell is Ford not selling them in the US??? Seriously… this would be like printing money.

  6. I know! I wrote something about the Troller years ago.
    So maybe that "Mini Bronco" they are talking about could actually be the next generation Troller?? Which we would get over here?

  7. Vince, the 'baby Bronco' will be called the Maverick, and is NOT the EV model. The EV model will be called Mach 1, and is going to be more sport oriented than the typical EV (if there is such a thing as a typical EV). The Mach 1 will be in the vein of a CUV in terms of its shape.

  8. Oh, and the Bronco will be built on the global T6 chassis shared with the next gen global Ranger. Forget Troller.

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