More pictures of the new 2019 Chevrolet Orlando

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I think this is quite nice. Still more a wagon than a true SUV. But now with a little more of that SUV DNA. Which is what people seem to like these days. 
So far they claim this is only for the Chinese market. But I am sure the temptation to sell it in the US will be strong.
It would be quite nice right bellow the Equinox.
Maybe replacing the Trax? 
What do you think? Should GM sell this in the US?

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  1. I think the original Orlando CONCEPT looked great. Production was terrible. This new version looks good. I think it could work here.

  2. It’s like a modern HHR. I sold a ton of those back in the day, I can’t gauge how big this is but it could replace the Cruze since three box sedans are struggling. Especially if it gets good mpg.

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