That new Avalon Facebook ad…

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Many of you have probably also seen this. It showed up yesterday on may Facebook page. 
I though it was funny how Toyota chooses to advertise that new model.
Obviously concentrating on how gorgeous it is. (Although its design has been pretty universally criticized)
“Beauty”, “Style”, “Made you look”. 
It just seems like they are talking about another car…

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  1. This is the ugliest front end of any car in recent memory. I'm sure it is a decent car but I wouldn't even consider it based on the ugliness of the grill. I don't know what Toyota is thinking.

  2. The sides and rear are really quite good, but that front end is just terrifying. I keep thinking about how many bugs will end up smashed in the crevices of that giant expanse of textured plastic, never to be dislodged…

  3. It looks like Pennywise the Clown opening his mouth to feed on children from the sewers. Which I'm sure is exactly the aesthetic baby boomers–the main market for large sedans like the Avalon–are going for.

    *thumbs up* to Toyota's design department.

  4. Almost makes a good daddy fish face for that awful fish mouth they stuck on the nice little Mazda sedan, to make the Toyota Yaris (was a Scion)… poor thing.

  5. Thanks Vince for reminding me why I don't use Facebook. If that is the type of ad that appeals to the users of that NSA/CIA spy outfit, then only a fool would be associated with it.

  6. Butt ugly, there's a word for it and it is called fugly, lol. Look at that thing, it looks like someone had punch a guy and he lost all his front teeth. Look at that, all fake front air intake.

    Glad you're calling them out Vince!

  7. The Toyota Avalon's advertising project manager must have a giant sense of humor to do an ad spread like this!

  8. I just bumped into this article recently… I am so sick of fake grills and even fake windows… i

    These huge black fake grills are particularly humorous considering the pending trend to completely fill in the front of EVs… like the Tesla 3. In a very short time, these styling travesties will be more stupifyingly anachronistic than Opera windows and protruding corner lights in the 70s.

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