VW Tiguan review coming up.

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Just got a red VW Tiguan for a week. So I will, as usual, report on it in a few days.
The one I am driving is an FWD SE model. Priced at $28 930.
For a total of $30 280 including destination, 18 inch wheels and fog lamps.
(Which is kind of strange since on the official VW site, the FWD SE is priced at $27 650 before options and destination)
So far?
A noisy engine and a drab interior is what I noticed the most.
As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have. 

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  1. The ride is nothing amazing. It's just OK, a bit noisy.
    Quality is decent but again, nothing great. Nothing at all like the CX-5 for example.
    The trunk has a weird shape behind the 3rd row. The hatch is the heaviest I have ever used. (Not powered for $30 000)

    Everything is OK at best.

  2. For me, the new Tiguan (SEL with light package and/or R-line with the LED headlights) is the most attractive CUV on the market. I'd pick one up in a minute if it weren't for that paltry motor. I've been reading a lot of very positive impressions regarding the 2.0 in the Atlas, but in the Tiguan?? 184 horses??? Not to mention the unimpressive fuel mileage. I know the CX-5 is very attractive to the masses, but it's feminine and has that "Japanesey" gap, fit/ finish feel that remind me of some of those giant plasticky boom boxes you used to see at swap meets in the 80's.

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