2019 BMW 3 series

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Get ready for another healthy dose of “they all look the same” with the new BMW 3 series.

Now with BMW’s new “bigger than ever” super chrome grille.
I guess there is still a market for the faithful. And those who think these are still some kind of a status symbol. Although that market is shrinking.
They sold 59 500 of these last year. A drop from over 72 000 the previous year. And a huge drop from 140 600 in 2015.
(over 77 000 units of the C-Class sold in 2017 and the year before)

After driving one for myself (As well as a 4 and 5 series) I was quite disappointed. The “ultimate driving machine” it is not… especially for the crazy asking price.

There is a rumor about an EV version of the next 3 series. Competing with the Tesla model 3.
(The Tesla looking like a spaceship next to that BMW design)

And yes, the Model 3 is now a big competition. Once they fill all their previous orders, they will turn out at least 20 000 of them a month. And many of these will probably be bought by previous 3 series owners.

This really looks like an old man’s car designed 15 years ago.

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  1. BMW shouldn't even bother disguising their upcoming models. Everything looks the same and like the current version

  2. bmw, like audi, vw, kia and a few others, do not build excitement. They are sitting on their laurels, and this will come back and bite them. people buy new cars because they want something that looks new. not that looks like its 3 generations old. bmw and audi are selling the status symbol instead of the car

  3. 1. Hire back Bangle to shake up design and piss people off.
    2. Moderate the design direction resulting in great looking cars
    3. Excess moderation leads to really boring cars.
    4. Return to step one.

  4. People who buy this only do it to show people they succeed not because they care about the look or the features of the car itself

  5. BMW should bring a fresh version of their original twin kidney grille back.

    These new ones are morphing into pontiac territory

  6. Judging by the upcoming Z4, future models will have stacked dial headlights in order to make the kidney grilles (which look more like lungs these days) even wider!

  7. How much of the decline in 3 series sales is due to the expansion of the X1 and the X2 line? The 3 really isn't a big car inside and those two smaller products probably give similar space.

    I do agree that BMW has watered down the brand to the point that they are no longer the sport offering they were. And they're certainly not luxurious – just expensive.

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