2019 BMW Z4 M40i

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Of course, when seen in a similar color, the production 2019 Z4 does look a lot more like last year’s concept.
Even though proportions have still been toned down by a lot…
The car pictured here is a top of the line 6 cylinder version. 
Most Z4 models will use various 4 cylinder engines.
Apparently, no manual version will be available for this “ultimate driving machine”…

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  1. This styling direction reminds me of what Ian Callam did to Jaguar: Nice car but lacks heritage of what made Jaguar a Jaguar. Same with the Z4; nothing about this design language has any BMW hallmarks to it. The thin new rear lighting elements for example, may look like something from Infiniti. The side and front aspect is also lost.

    For what they'll charge I'll be happier with the more affordable Miata. At least people recognize it as one.

  2. That is bunch of bullshit Sad Robot and shows how much you know. This was directly influenced by the 1956 BMW 507, so how does this lack heritage?

    For that matter Vince, 2017 concept was developed well over 1 year after final designs were locked in; in 2015. The first G29 prototypes started testing publicly in early 2016, so IDK where you got your theory.

    A buzzworthy tarted up concept does not equal "design inspiration". The basic design theme was set in late 2014.

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