2019 Fors Territory Vs- Yusheng S330

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As I mentioned earlier, the new Ford Territory is officially baed on the Chinese Yusheng S330.
From these pictures, it looks like they are actually almost the exact same car.
So this isn’t really a Ford. 
It seems that only the front grille and bumper are new items on the Ford version. 

A few more changes inside. Which makes the Ford  more modern and upscale than the Yusheng version.
(Doors are almost the same. Looking a lot like the old Tiguan)

And by the way, the S330 is not new. It came out in China in 2016.
So this is a cheap move for Ford in order to grow their presence on the huge Chinese market.

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  1. Ford owns 30 something percent of this Chinese manufacturer and have worked together for a while. This isn't a bad move by Ford, just keep it in China. Also Ford should look to take full control of JMC since they're finally allowed to own more than 50% of a Chinese company, would be a smart long term move for Ford.

  2. Let's see…how can we make visibility in the rear worse? Oh! Thicken the C pillar. They all do it now, so let's copy that. Smart.

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