2019 Honda Civic Sedan.

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Just like the Coupe, the sedan version gets a slightly new face for 2019.

With a bit less chrome on the grille (But more on the bumper…)

Since the Civic is a huge hit for Honda, I do understand the very few changes.
They sold over 377 000 of them last year. More than the year before.
As a matter of fact, they sell more every year!

This is one super popular sedan in a sea of SUVs.

Good for them. 

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  1. Vince… where do you get your numbers from for the sales. I want to be a part of this… haha… Thank you.

  2. Black grille looks SO much better than the chrome.
    Handsome little car. Will continue to sell like gang busters.

  3. I like the new Civic front grill! Only if Honda had that on the Accord, I would consider the new Accord with a lift back type trunk.

  4. STILL NO blind spot monitors, not even on the top model.
    Still cannot rise the front passenger seat, only back and forth, very uncomfortable for long trips.

    Those are the two reasons I do not own one.

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