2019 Lexus RC

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 it seems that Lexus had already made a few changes to the RC Coupe not that long ago.
So now we have another “facelift”.
The 2019 model is the top picture. With new all LED lights integrated in one single unit.
And of course, a new bumper.

 Same thing in the back. New lights and bumper… (2019 on top)

Inside… Things look almost exactly the same (2019 on top)

This is the 4th model year for the RC coupe.
I guess Lexus is at least keeping it around for a while.

They sold a bit over 15 000 of them back in 2015. But sales went way down to 7363 units last year.
And only 2008 so far in 2018.
That is pretty bad.

So I actually applaud Lexus for not giving up on the coupe market. Considering these super low numbers.
Although I wouldn’t count on a second generation….

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  1. Seems they have also not given up on that hideous grill design, although the new lights are a definite improvement.

  2. Lexus RC coupe look very dated now! The angular edges and their spindle grill adds to an eye sore for me to view this coupe.

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