2019 VW Passat

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A few more pix of the all new VW Passat for the next year.

This is the larger model we get in the US (And China). Not the European version.
That’s why it basically looks like a larger Jetta…

And it keeps getting bigger, as the new one will be almost 3 inches longer than the already large current model.
(That will probably mean giant rear seat legroom. Which is fine.)

Looks like the Passat will still try to appeal to the most conservative taste out there…

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  1. These new generation VWs look 2 generations old. This and the new Jetta just look pathetic and as if there was no effort put into the designs. Looks like they took the approach of "just make a car and throw in the latest tech."

  2. At least it looks better than the new Accord and the front end is way better than the Jetta. I can see this looking quite good in person.

  3. It's odd that they chose to make it even larger when cars like Impala, Taurus, Avalon, Azera, and Lacrosse are a dying breed. Even the Fusion's future is doomed. The Passat certainly doesn't break any ground in styling (even by 2010 standards) but it should age gracefully. If I were shopping for something in this category this would not be on my list because Volkswagen's diesel scandal revealed what kind of a disreputable company it really is.

  4. They made this car ugly on purpose so they'll sell more of the gorgeous Arteons when it comes to the states.

    This Passat should be renamed Giant Jetta

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