2019/20 Honda Passport

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From these pictures, it looks like the all new Passport will not just be a 5 seater version of the Pilot.
(The next Pilot might actually become a 3 row version of this upcoming Passport)

Which is a good thing. Something different and really new.
I just wonder how big this is. Since the current CR-V is already quite large and roomy.

I guess this would be more upscale and use the Accord’s 2.0 Liter engine.
But that all sounds a lot like the new Acura RDX doesn’t it….

This will be competing with the Nissan Murano, Chevrolet Blazer, Ford Edge etc…

Head over HERE for many more pictures. (Including a dark and rather blurry shot of part of the dash. )

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  1. That's what I thought at first. But the top of the A pillar on the UR-V has a rather sharp angle. This one does not. So it is actually an all new design…

  2. My next new car – Honda Passport! I love Honda’s that have some performance behind the vehicle and the Passport should this factor since the Edge ST has over 335 hp and 300 ft. lbs. torque.

  3. After taking in the spy photos, I find the camouflage vehicle kind of ugly with a very small front end engine compartment. I will hold judgement until the unveiling in November but I would not buy it if with this design. Looks to stodgy and cheap looking.

  4. Compare it to an earlier generation boxy Pilot and it looks like a similar design but really hard to tell with heavy camouflage on the Passport.

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