2020 Ford Explorer

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As we already know, the next Explorer will be a cheaper Ford version of the all new Lincoln Aviator.
(And the other way around…)
And it is really obvious on these pictures. The new Explorer basically looks like the current design forced onto the new Aviator body. 
Which is fine. Why not…
The grille looks like a gig departure from current Ford SUV design. Unless this isn’t final. (Although it already has the oval Ford logo)
Head over HERE for more pictures of the all new 2020 Ford Explorer
I smell a hit…

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  1. That grill is Interceptor specific….the current Interceptor has a similar one…expect a mix of unique grilles for each Explorer model. I love how it looks, looks like an Explorer yet all new. The Aviator has all unique sheet metal and glass as I suspected, with more linear lines.

  2. Looks great! Rear has the Range Rover Sport rear end. The new Explorer looks very attractive with a performance slant to it. I approve the exterior design. It beautiful and sporty.

  3. Aside from the narrow rear window, the new Explorer looks good, with clean styling and nice proportions. The current one is still one of the best looking vehicles in its segment, so there was no reason to change the basic design. The new Explorer and Aviator will give Ford a nice 1-2 SUV punch.

  4. It will be hard to choice a ST version of the Explorer or a equally price Aviator! I thinking of a $12K difference between base models of each.

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