2020 Genesis G80

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Looks like Genesis is getting an all new G80 sedan ready.
Yes, a sedan. The new brand still has no SUV. Only sedans. (3 of them now)
In a market where SUVs are so popular, we still have not seen pictures of any Genesis SUV prototype.
Which is actually pretty bad.
Even Cadillac, who also has 2 new sedans coming up, as a couple of SUVs and more coming soon.
The new G80 looks sleeker than the current one, of course. With smoother lines.
Otherwise, nothing crazy. No hatch or anything like that.
The current G80 has been getting really good reviews. And I am sure the next one will be even better.
But if they want to get noticed, they will need much more than 3 luxury sedans. Quick. 
And more than just talk about “upcoming SUVs”…

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  1. Hope G80 finally gets a rear set pass through instead of a ski opening in the center. Would make the G80 more competitive for people who do not own a SUV too. I hate going back home and switching vehicle and going back to the store to complete making a purchase.

  2. The window line looks exactly the same, except for a larger rear window (similar to how they did the 2015 Sonata vs the 2014), but the front overhang does look a lot shorter. I guess if Infiniti can keep reusing the same platform over and over for 15 years, Genesis can get another generation out of this one.

  3. I thought it was a Malibu while scrolling fast. I did drive one once. Very nice. It hasn't made a splash like Acura or Lexus did/do.

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