2020/21 Mercedes SL

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It seems that almost everyone has forgotten about the Mercedes SL.

It used to be the default car of the rich guy or rich girl in almost every 70’s TV shows.
That generation was everywhere.

After that, they became more and more generic. With less and less personality…

But, of course, Mercedes is working on a new one. Which will compete with the gorgeous new Lexus LC. And the “less than gorgeous ” BMW 8 series convertible.
Jaguar has given up on that market has has not replaced the XK…

(It could still be a while, since we have not seen any pictures of prototype testing around yet.)

The above picture is just an illustration, but it does show a nice design.
I just hope Mercedes makes the SL great again. 

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  1. Lame that they're doing away with the folding metal top.

    Remember Vince, the 70's era MB's had plenty of metal and chrome which glorified the marque. If you sit in a modern Mercedes buyers care more about Infotainment and the emblem.

    World is coming to an end

  2. Yikes. A shrunken head!?

    I love the 70's TV show SL. 1974 Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin (Lee Majors) drove one.

  3. From what I’ve read over the past few years, the SL is going back to small sports car (F type) and less big luxury roadster. Should be hot

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