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These are supposedly pictures of the all new mid-engine Corvette. With obviously, much less camouflage than on previous shots.
I really hope this is NOT the next Corvette.
This now just looks like yet another over designed looking super sports car. It really displays a vulgarity similar to many current Ferrari designs. 
If this is real, it means the Corvette went, in just one generation, from being the darling of semi-wealthy retirees to some generic sporty looking car we see outside douchy Hollywood clubs filled with Russian mafia types.
I must say, even though the camouflage seems mostly gone, many parts of the car seem still covered with weird fake bits.
So this could still be far from the final shape.
There is still hope, I guess….
Head over HERE for many more pictures. 

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  1. The current generation Corvette being a darling? Your commentary is straying farther and farther from reality Burlapp.

    The C7 is a hot mess of a car. Not only has the styling been very divisive, but there have been some very notable reliability problems on the C7. In fact, many Corvette fans and purists consider the C7 to be very vulgar and having an overly designed generic sports car look.

    From the very beginning, each Corvette generation always had a clean and classic look in their own way, and each Corvette generation was always easily identifiable as a Corvette…until the C7. GM has already significantly damaged the legacy and prestige of the Corvette with the C7.

    I do agree with one thing; this will likely continue with the C8.

    GM should have followed Porsche's strategy with their 911, and GM should have just kept making small evolutionary styling changes, not ridiculous radical styling changes that have completely changed the visual identity of the Corvette.

  2. Hey, the SUV/CUV segment is nothing more than a bunch of over-designed lookalikes. Why not supercars?

  3. The C8 will be spectacular, just like all the other hyper wedges from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc. But it will be an odd fit in a showroom full of Cruze’s and Traverses.

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