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I just got a Buick Envision to drive this week.
And I will be reporting on it soon.
I actually got the Envision partially because it has been in the news lately. 
Since GM is seeking an exemption from a possible 25% tariff.
The curent administration, claiming a national security threat, might be imposing such a huge tariff on foreign built cars. 
Since the Envision is one of the rare cars actually built and imported from China, a 25% hike in price would pretty much kill it.
(These possible tariffs would also increase the price of popular, US built models like the Camry and Accord, by about $1800)
So I was curious to drive one before they might go away.
Plus, it is pretty interesting to check out the quality of a car made in China. (The CT6 Hybrid I had a while ago was excellent)
This is a very hot segment right now where the Buick SUV competes with brand new entries like the new Acura RDX and Infiniti Q50.
As well as more established competition like the Audi Q5.
The one I have is a loaded Premium model with the 2.0 Liter engine and 9 speed auto.
I will try to answer any questions you might have.

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  1. I am a Buick fan, not a buyer. This is a solid entry in the so-called luxury class. It is a shame it is built in China. It is not like we do not have the capacity or capability.

  2. i had a 2.0T Premium AWD as a loaner for about 4 days. List price was $47,000. I liked it a lot. It's sized similar to the 2013 BMW X3 I used to lease, though the Buick may be a tad larger inside. It was nicely finished, leather was smooth, seats pretty confortable. large back seat, large cargo area. decent acceleration. Never heard any squeaks or rattles, but my biggest personal peeve, which I have with a lot of cars (e.g Acura MDX, RDS) is that the rear tires boom/slap over pavement joints, so there's a rear sonic boom in the cabin every few seconds on the highway. I have some hearing issues and that boom really bothers me.
    Overall, I felt it was about 80% as good as the X3 I used to have, but at 95% of the price. If this was priced $15k lower, I think it would be a great option and I'd consider it for a second car, but at $40k with discounts, it's overpriced.

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