“Dead BEFORE arrival”: 2020 Ford Focus Active

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That’s right. Ford has announced that, due to a 25% tariff on Chinese goods, they will not sell the upcoming all new Focus Active in the US.
The raised up Active model was going to be the only version of the new Focus sold in the US.
And the only car, besides the Mustang, in Ford’s US line up past next year.

I think this is sad, as I hate to see cars disappear . Especially for political reasons.
GM has asked for an exemption for the Buick Envision, while Ford had not done so for the Focus.
( I guess they didn’t care either way and had made up their mind about killing all cars anyway).

The next 2021 Mustang will use the new platform from the next Explorer/Aviator, so it is still safe.

While most cars sold in the US are not made in China, almost every car use Chinese made parts. (Including US made cars) And lost of them.
I wonder what other models will be discontinued next…
Or get a huge price hike.

Here is a video of the new Focus, currently on sale in Europe (And getting mostly very good reviews)
The Active version can be seen in the later part of the video.

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  1. Another short sighted move by Ford, courtesy of the desk salesman CEO. You can tell whenever these companies hire an outsider as CEO. They only look at the numbers, never at customer loyalty or retention. Some cars don't make any money for the companies but they keep them anyway so they can at least stop the customers from buying a competitor's product. Civics, Accords, Corollas and Camrys sell consistently because Honda and Toyota have been making them consistently – for DECADES. The Detroit automakers never seem to get that simple lesson through their skulls.

  2. They should just ship over some from Europe, even if they break even it's a nice model to have in the portfolio. Hopefully the Ford get a new CEO soon who actually enjoys and understands the brand and the value of having some cars in the lineup.

  3. Ford has pocket segment their vehicles for decades. This is nothing new. Prime example of this is the Ranger pickup truck, EcoSportcrossover and Toller T4.SUV.

  4. The result of another horrible decision made by an unfit president. How many more reasons to we need to impeach that piece of crap?

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