Honda Insight test drive coming up.

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I will be driving the new Honda Insight Hybrid for a week.
The new Insight is positioned between the Civic and Accord in price.
Claiming to be a bit more upscale than the Civic, while at the same time saving you gas.

While the Insight starts at around $23 000, my car is a loaded Touring model. priced at $28 985 (Including destination)
Not cheap, but not bad for a very roomy sedan with leather, sunroof, premium audio, power everything etc…

So far the interior is pretty nice. (Although not as excellent as the Accord.)
The back seat is surprisingly roomy.
It also has a very large trunk.

I will report on it next week, and try to answer any questions you might have.

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  1. Cool! I was thinking about this and the Camry Hybrid. Kinda torn, I like the Insight exterior more, but the Camry interior more. I'm guessing the Camry is a smoother, quieter ride tho. But that Insight 55mpg is tough to pass on.

  2. how do you feel this compares to the Accord Hybrid? I've driven both back-to-back, the Insight felt underpowered and noisy. Curious to find out if that's what you experience as well.

    I know you have the Touring, interested to find out if the features are worth the price premium. Besides leather/sunroof, etc. Is the base Insight a real bargain given the powertrain performance?

    and… most importantly, what is your real world fuel economy? Honda claims 49mpg, are you getting anywhere near that?

  3. I guess I'm getting old and I can't believe that I'm going to say this but I'm excited about this test drive. For the first time in my life I'm thinking about getting a hybrid as my next drive. I got this car under my radar but don't know much about it. My only worry is power, I know it's a hybrid but hybrids are getting better! Also, does it make sense to get this over a hybrid Accord?

  4. I notice the fuel economy rating is 51/45/48 mpg for Insight Touring which is a noticeable step-down compared to the other trims which are rated at 55/49/52. Really interested to know what fuel economy you're getting.
    Also interested to know the quality and fit-and-finish of the interior and ease of use on the new center screen which has been plaguing Honda for some years but finally seemed to figured it out.

  5. Yes, I did drive the Bolt a few weeks ago. But not the Model3 since Tesla is not loaning cars to the press.

    As far as the fuel economy, I will get into it more in the actual review in a few days. So far the best I got in the city was slightly above 50.
    Freeway MPG varies by a lot. Sometimes getting around 45MPG. But also over 60 on other drives.

    The fit and finish is great. But not sure it is better than the regular Civic. The screen is similar to the one I had in the Accord and it works just fine.

  6. Also, I have not driven the Accord Hybrid.

    The Insight does get noisy when revving. (Which, as a hybrid, it does whenever it feels like it..Not just whenever you are asking for it)
    Power is fine. But actually really punchy in the "sport" mode.
    The Touring is loaded, but not more than a loaded Civic.

    This is basically a Civic Hybrid, with a few differences.

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